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Readings for Upcoming Course on Apologetics

October 4, 2014

Apologetics Course BasicIn response to several inquiries about the upcoming course on Apologetics, planned
for the Free Seminary program at Cornerstone
Baptist Church
starting in January 2015, I am posting this Schedule
of Reading Assignments.
This is not the entire syllabus, but
it does include all of the reading assignments that participants
will read prior to each class. You can start reading now if you
Required Textbook and Readings: Doug Powell, Holman
QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics
TN: Holman Reference, 2006). ISBN: 080549460X; ISBN-13: 9780805494600 / 978-0-8054-9460-0 (Referred to as the Holman text).
Can be ordered from the Book Rack bookstore at Cornerstone Baptist Church for less than is often found online.

  • Other readings, in the form of weekly assigned readings from online scholarly journals and from apologetics websites are also
    required for this course (fourth column, below).
  • The Bible will also be used extensively in this course, so please plan to bring your Bible to class.
  • Plan to come to class prepared by: having read the assigned readings, having made notes of questions or concerns (with page
    numbers referencing the specific material about which you have a question), and having absorbed carefully the overall content of
    the readings (i.e., read with pencil/pen in hand).
Schedule of Reading Assignments
Class Date Question on the Table Holman Text
Reading Prior to Class
Other Reading(s) Prior to Class (Click on Link)
01/13/2015 Why NOT do Apologetics? None. None.
01/20/2015 What (Good) is Apologetics? Chapter 1, What is Apologetics? Edgar, “No News Is Good News,”
01/27/2015 How do I Learn to Give a Defense of the Faith? Chapter 14, Methodology Coulter, “Introduction”
02/03/2015 Does the Universe “Prove” God’s Existence? Chapter 2, The Cosmological Argument SEP, “Cosmological Argument”
02/10/2015 Does Intelligent Design “Prove” God’s Existence? Chapter 3, The Design Argument Gebhard, “Intelligent Design”
02/17/2015 Does Morality “Prove” God’s Existence? Chapter 4, The Moral Argument Copan, “Moral Argument”
02/24/2015 Aren’t All Religions Essentially the Same? Chapter 5, Which God Exists? Farinaccio (Through page 54)
03/03/2015 Isn’t the New Testament a corrupted, unreliable text? Chapters 6 & 7: Origin and Reliability of the N.T. Butt, “That Which We’ve Seen”
03/10/2015 Isn’t the Old Testament a corrupted, unreliable text? Chapter 8: Origin and Reliability of the O.T. Brantley, “Dead Sea Scrolls”
03/17/2015 Doesn’t Science Disprove Miracles? Chapter 9: Do Miracles Happen? Montgomery, “Science …”
03/24/2015 Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? Chapters 11 & 12: Jesus’ Resurrection & Deity Habermas, “Case for Resurrection”
03/31/2015 Doesn’t the Existence of Evil Disprove God? Chapter 13: How could God Allow Evil? Howard-Snyder, “Evil/Suffering”
04/07/2015 How Do You Actually Do Apologetics? Farinaccio (Page 57 to End)
Koukl, “Common Objections”
04/14/2015 Make-up date if a previous meeting date is canceled for any reason.
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  1. Bess Kypros permalink
    October 7, 2014 8:19 pm

    I’m excited to take this course!

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