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“How do I Learn to Give a Defense of the Faith?”

January 28, 2015

Apologetics Course Basic

Unit 3 Handout: “How do I Learn to Give a Defense of the Faith?”

  • Questions and Answers from Last Week’s Discussions and the Readings for This Evening
  • Quiz and Review of Quiz
  • Questions and Answers: Chapter 14: Methodology
    • The Toolbox
    • Classical Apologetics
    • Evidentialism
    • Presuppositionalism
    • Fideism
    • Interaction and Critique
    • Integrative Apologetics
    • Conclusion
  • Article: Coulter, “Introduction to Christian Apologetics,”
  • Approaches to Apologetics
  • Common Objections from the Bible
    • The Bible does not need to be defended
    • God cannot be known by human reason
    • Natural humanity cannot understand God’s truth
    • Without faith one cannot please God
    • Jesus refused to give signs to evil men
    • Do not answer a fool according to his folly
    • Apologetics is not used in the Bible
  • Objections from Outside the Bible
    • Logic cannot tell us anything about God
    • Logic cannot prove the existence of anything
    • No one is converted through apologetics
    • Different Approaches at different stages
  • Introduction: The Cosmological Argument
    • Existential Questions:
      • What/Who Am I?
      • How is it that I Exist?
      • How is it that Anything Exists?
    • Why is there Something instead of Nothing?
  • 5 Things the Scientific Method Can’t Prove (Craig)
    • Logic and Mathematics
    • Metaphysical truths
    • Ethical beliefs
    • Aesthetic judgments
    • Science itself
  • The Mystery of Existence
  • The Cosmological Argument (Kalam Argument from Contingency)
    • The universe either exists necessarily or contingently
    • The universe is not necessary
    • Therefore the universe is contingent
  • Four Possibilities for the Existence of the Universe
    • All that exists is merely an illusion.
    • The universe created itself.
    • The universe is eternal.
    • The universe was created by an outside eternal being (God)
  • Objections
    • Schoolboy objection: What caused God?
    • How can we ever know the universe needs a cause?
  • For Next Week
    • Reading from the Holman text: Chapter 2: The Cosmological Argument
    • Online Article: SEP, “Cosmological Argument”
  • Conclusion
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