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Aren’t All Religions Essentially the Same?

February 24, 2015
  • Please Listen to the Wayne State Debate Prior to 3/31/2015
  • Shortened Class on March 24: Visit with MCREST guests after class.
  • Questions and Answers from Last Week’s Discussions and the Readings for This Evening
  • Quiz and Review of Quiz
  • Follow-Up Discussion: Chapter 5: Which God Exists?
    • The Elephant and the Blind Men
    • The Glass Slipper
    • Atheism (including Buddhism) /
    • Agnosticism / Pantheism / Panentheism / Finite Godism
    • Polytheism (including Hinduism and Mormonism) / Deism
    • Monotheism
    • Particularism (Coherent, Evidence-receptive, Parallels Morality + Science)
    • Conclusion
  • Booklet: Joseph R. Farinaccio, Faith with Reason: Why Christianity is True,
    • Discussion
  • Introduction: Isn’t the New Testament a corrupted, unreliable text??
    • Origin (Chapter 6)
    • Textual Criticism (Chapter 7)
  • Existential Questions:
    • (How) Can I trust what I am reading in the New Testament?
    • (Why) Should this book matter to me?
    • Is the story true? Is the depiction of God true? Is there a Kingdom of Heaven?
    • Where do I Look for the Answers?
      • In the Bible?
      • Outside of the Bible?
  • The Key Question: Are the claims of the New Testament true?
  • Who chose the books and how were they chosen?
    • Four Categories: Spurious, Widely Accepted, Canonical, Heretical (Eusebius)
    • Councils of Carthage and Hippo
  • Textual Criticism
    • Transmission
    • Manuscript Authority
    • Thousands of Errors
      • Unintentional Variances
      • Intentional Variances
    • Archaeology
    • Non-Christian Writings (Extra-Biblical)
  • Claim of Inspiration
  • For Next Week:
    • Read Holman text:
      • Chapter 06: Where did the New Testament Come From?
      • Chapter 07: Is the New Testament Reliable?
    • Kyle Butt, “That Which We Have Seen and Heard,”
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