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Isn’t the Old Testament a corrupted, unreliable text?

March 10, 2015
  • Please Listen to the Wayne State Debate Prior to 3/31/2015
    • Archived at and on YouTube at
      • Refer to Bruce Russell “God Debate” Handout as you listen and take notes
    • Last class in this course (April 7, 2014): The Problem of Evil (Introduced 3/31)
      • Final Exam (Take-Home) is due at 7 pm April 7.
  • Shortened Class on March 24: Visit with MCREST guests after class and help clean up.
  • Questions and Answers from Last Week’s Discussions and the Readings for This Evening
  • Quiz and Review of Quiz
  • Discussion: Holman text: Chapter 08: Is the Old Testament Reliable?
    • Existential Questions:
      • (How) Can I trust what I am reading in the Old Testament?
      • (Why) Should this book matter to me?
    • The Key Question: Is the Old Testament Reliable?
    • Garry K. Brantley, “The Dead Sea Scrolls and Biblical Integrity”
  • Additional Comments:
    • Dead Sea Scrolls
    • The Silver Scroll Pendant
    • Transmission of the Old Testament
    • Four Tests of Canonicity of the Old Testament:
      • Does the New Testament attest to its authority?
      • Do extrabiblical Jewish writers affirm them?
      • Is the book consistent with other revelation?
      • Was it written by a prophet or someone of divine authority?
  • The Apocrypha
  • Introduction: Doesn’t Science Disprove Miracles? (Chapter 9)
    • Existential Questions:
      • Is God there?
      • Does God hear me?
    • Where do I look for the answers?
      • In the Bible?
      • Outside of the Bible?
  • What is a Miracle?
    • Does natural science disprove miracles?
    • Does our experience show that miracles cannot happen?
    • What is the purpose of miracles?
      • Credit to God
      • Authenticate claims
      • Benevolent
    • What about miracles that appear cruel?
    • What about miracles not done by God?
    • Conclusion
  • For Next Week:
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