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Making the Gospel Coherent for our PostModern Friends & Society

July 16, 2015

Detroit Pub Theology 7-16-2015

  • What/who is “Post-Modern”
    • Skepticism about the Reliability/Trustworthiness of Rationalism
    • Cynicism about Language, Perspective and Grand Narratives


  • What is “The Gospel”
    • As a Reasoned Argument
    • As a Grand Narrative


  • Traditional “Tract” Summary of the Gospel
    • Ontological Presumptions Embedded
    • Claims Made (Historical, Metaphysical, etc.)

  Traditional Bridge Illustration








  • Apologetics-Informed Summary of the Gospel
    • Pre-Evangelism: Dealing with Presuppositions

Spalding Bridge Illustration









  • Compare: John 4, Jesus & Samaritan Woman at the Well
    • Evidence of Spiritual/Existential Vacuum
    • Testimony: Personalizing the Narrative


  • Other Suggestions / Observations / Criticisms?


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