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YES, NO, MAYBE: Reason as Evidence of a Rational God

September 19, 2015

Yes.No.Maybe-Reason+RationalGod Copyright2015_ADSpaldingJr

YES, NO, MAYBE: Reason as Evidence of a Rational God

Handout for Presentation on 9/19/2015
Metro City Church, Taylor, Michigan
  • Reasoning: Laws of Logic, Epistemology, and Wisdom
  • The Euthyphro Dilemma
  • Laws of Logic
    • Law of Non-contradiction
    • Law of the Excluded Middle
    • Law of Identity
  • Are laws of logic material (physical), changing, objective, and/or necessary?
  • Epistemology: Ways of Knowing
    • Empirical Knowledge (e.g., Science)
    • Reason (e.g., Square Circles are contradictory)
    • Intuition (e.g., Nonverbals)
    • Authority (e.g., people, books, a supreme being, etc.).
  • Can Science Discover the Origin for the Laws of Logic …. Without first relying on the laws of Logic?
  • Epistemology: What Science Cannot Prove:
    • Logical & Mathematical Truths
    • Metaphysical Truths
    • Ethical Beliefs
    • Aesthetic Judgments
    • Science Itself
  • Epistemology: Laws of Logic come from …Someone else?
    • Immaterial/Metaphysical…
    • Unchanging…
    • Objective…
    • Inviting Science…
    • Inviting Learning…
  • Inference to the Best Explanation (IBE): God.
  • An Afterthought: Atheism & Truth Claims
    • Atheism cannot account for laws of logic.
    • Atheism cannot account for the uniformity of nature.
    • Atheism cannot account for the reason reason is reasonable.
  • Compare: Scientific Materialism (Scientism): Is your mind your brain?
    • Biological cell replacements
    • Thoughts are immaterial
    • Thoughts are subjective
    • Thoughts are volitional
    • Mind over (brain) matter
    • Knowledge and Presuppositions
    • Wisdom and Presuppositions
  • Who is Really a “Free Thinker”?
  • Conclusion / Q&A
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