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Climate Change and Global Catastrophe

August 11, 2019
Old Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey Series in the Koinonia Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) at Cornerstone Baptist Church Lesson Five

Climate Change and Global Catastrophe

  1. Introduction: General and Special Revelation, and Infallibility
  2. Opening Discussion # 1 (Thought Provoker): What are some criticisms of the biblical account of the Flood that are often made?
  3. Opening Discussion # 2 (Thought Provoker): Why is the Flood story important to believers?
  4. Opening Discussion # 3 (Memory Jogger): What changed after the Flood?
  5. Biblical Description of the Flood (Special Revelation)        
    1. Prompted by human wickedness (Genesis 6:5-7)
    1. All the Mountains Were Covered: Genesis 7:18-24; Genesis 8:1-5
    1. The Ark Was a Huge Vessel 
    1. Human Population was Global: Genesis 6:1, 11-12
    1. All Humans (Except Noah and Family) were Killed: Genesis 7:21, 9:1
    1. All Air-Breathing Land Animals were Killed: Genesis 6:17; Gen. 9:16
    1. The Flood was Cataclysmic, not just Large
    1. God’s Promise and the Rainbow: Genesis 8:21; Genesis 9:8-17
    1. Year Long Stay in the Ark: Genesis 8:9, 14
    1. Global Devastation: Genesis 6:13; Isaiah 54:9; 2 Peter 3:5-7
    1. New Testament Affirmations (see above)
  6. Geological and Historical Corroboration (General Revelation)
  7. Discussion # 4: What is meant when we say Noah built the ark “by faith”? (Hebrews 11:7)
  8. Noah, Faith and the Gospel
  9. Jesus is Greater: Jesus is the Last Adam (1 Cor 15: 45); the Greater Noah (1 Pet 3: 20-21); the Greater Abraham (John 8: 58); The Greatest Prophet (Acts 3: 22-23); the Highest High Priest (to whom Levi paid a tithe; Heb 7: 7-9); and David’s Greater Son (Matt 22: 45).
  10. Conclusion / Closing Prayer: Psalm 33:6–9

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